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Lake Hangingstone Lake & Frying Pan Lake

Hangingstone Lake: This lake is approximately 2-1/2 miles long and 1/4 mile wide. The northern half of the lake consists of mainly rock structure while the southern half is mainly weeks. It is not uncommon to hear stories of large catches in this very prolific lake. The maximum depth of this lake is approximately 20ft. and the average depth is 20ft. Accessed by boating to the south end of Gowganda Lake just 1 km to the right of the Falls, docking your boat on the dock provided, then walking about 25 minutes following the markers. There is one 16' blue steel boat and one 14ft. aluminium boat available there.

Frying Pan Lake This lake is directly adjacent to Hangingstone Lake and is about half the size and about the same depth. Mainly rock structure with the exception of the south end which is weedy. While quantity of fish is generally less, the quality tends to be better than in Hangingstone. There is a 14ft aluminium boat available.

Both lakes are stuffed with Smallmouth Bass including big trophies.

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