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MNR Lake #21

We are very fortunate to be within driving distance of MNR Lake #21. This lake has been stocked with the rarest trout on Earth, the Aurora Trout.

Aurora Trout only existed in Whitepine Lake and Whirlygig Lake. They disappeared from these lakes in the 1960s as a result of acid rain. Angling for Aurora Trout was closed across the province in 1983. Aurora Trout were classed as an endangered species in 1987. It was just a miracle that someone caught one and alerted the MNR. They net the lakes and caught 28 trout, which are the ancestors of all existing Aurora Trout today. Since the Russian Blue Trout is now classified as extinct, the Aurora Trout is now considered the rarest trout in the world.

The world record Aurora Trout is 6 pounds, 10.24 oz caught by Luc Pilon in 1999. It is illegal to have any motors on Aurora Trout lakes. You will need to fish for them from a canoe.

Aurora Trout season is August 1st to October 15 for 2014 and 2017. Each Aroura Trout lake is open for a couple of months every three years.

Tips for trolling deep for Splake, Brook Trout and Lake Trout out of a canoe (off site)

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