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Map of Montreal River's Obushkong Lake

Obushkong Lake: This is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of 20ft. and an overall average of 8 ft. The depth of the river at the north end varies from 2 - 30 ft. depending on the time of year. It is approximately 12 miles long and almost a mile wide. An extension of the Montreal River, this lake is mainly rock structure while the river is heavily weeded, perfect for Pike. Walleye, Northern Pike and Bass are plentiful in this lake. There is also Whitefish, but they are usually only caught in the fall. This lake is accessible by driving your own vehicle. It is approximately a 5 minutes car ride down Edith Lake road, then boat across Edith Lake to the portage point. Take a 5-minute walk to Obushkong Lake. There are three 16' blue steel boats available.

Dinny Lake: Approximately 1-1/2 mile long and 1/2 mile wide, it has a maximum depth of 45ft. with the average depth being 8ft. The shoreline structure consists of rock; stumps and weeds provide great ambush points for these aggressive predators. Access to this lake is by driving your own vehicle to Edith Lake; take the trail just before the green outhouses. Walk time about 15 minutes. There are two 14' aluminum boats

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