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Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear hunting is a time-honored tradition, which brings hundreds of hunters into Ontario each year. It's a great chance to get out into the deep wilderness, enjoy the beautiful fall weather and practice your stealthy hunting skills against an animal that can smell 250 times better than a human as well as hear a pin drop. Here at Auld Reekie Lodge; we carry on that tradition by offering a Black Bear hunt that is both comfortable and rewarding.

Auld Reekie Lodge has been assigned three BMAs (Bear Management Areas) in a region long associated with great Black Bear hunting. The three BMAs are: (West of Gowganda - Natal Township - 52 square km); (West of Gowganda - Tyrell & Leonard Township - 85 square km); (South West of Gowganda - Milner Township - 32 square km). The total area of all three BMAs is 169 square km. Black Bears in our BMAs average around 225 pounds but guests see and harvest bears exceeding 300 pounds. The largest Black Bear harvested since we have owned the lodge was 402 pounds. That is a trophy Black Bear by anybody's standards.

The population of Black Bears is high and the health of the bears is superb due to the diverse landscape and the high concentration of food the bears love to eat. This ensures a healthy thick black pelt, which makes a great rug or wall mount. It also ensures that our bears grow big. Our region consists of many lake, rivers, marshes and towering mature forest, which means lots of beavers and other critters for the bears to eat. The Canadian Shield landscape offers high concentrations of wild blueberries and raspberries as well as rocky outcrops used for winter dens. The bears in our area are well fed and can get much bigger than bears in areas farther north, where conditions are much harsher and their food is not as plentiful. There is a lower winter mortality rate due to safe places to hibernate.

Even with a high population of Black Bears we only take twenty hunters per year. We set up tree stands for both rifle and archery hunters and also give our hunting guests, who are physically challenged, the option to hunt from ground blinds. Six weeks before the hunt we scout out areas with high bear activity and then we start baiting. Three weeks before the hunt we start baiting excessively to keep the bears coming back. Guests can be assured that the scouting never stops and we only put our bear hunting guests on bates that are active. All baits are approximately one to two miles apart depending on what spots are the most strategic. We only take a maximum of six hunters per week for three weeks so that we provide a more personalize bear hunting experience. By limiting the number of hunters we book each season; our bear population stays high and our hunting guests enjoy an extremely high success rate.

Urs, your host, will be your guide. He takes pride in everything he does for his guests. Your success is key to his success. Being Swiss, he prides himself in all of his efforts to provide a second to none service for your hunting experience. He is known to go out of his way to make sure that you are taken care of 110%.

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