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Brook Trout & Aurora Trout Fishing

The Brook Trout, also called the Speckled Trout by most people in Ontario, is thought by many to be the most beautiful trout in the world and the best tasting. They are considered a very prestigious fish to catch and a favorite among sportsfishing enthusiasts in Ontario.

We have two backcountry lakes with Brook Trout. You can use a small motorboat on Babs. Moon Lake is strictly a canoe-only lake. Both lakes have good Brook Trout fishing with trout in the 1/2 to 1.5 pound range being the size most commonly caught. These lakes are big enough to support trout over 3 pounds but a Brook Trout that big is rare and considered a trophy by most people. How many you catch in a day is impossible to say because trout are very sensitive to changes in the weather. If you have caught two or three nice Brook Trout in an afternoon than you are having a great day. Like all trout they turn on-&-off like a light switch. You can go two days without catching a trout and then catch several in a few minutes. Even though you are allowed a motor boat on Babs you will catch way more trout in a canoe because they are so quiet.

In the spring the Brookies are shallow and you can catch them fly-fishing with dry or wet flies or throwing small casting spoons like Little Cleos and Crocodiles. Brook Trout seem to like dark blue mixed with silver or dark green mixed with silver. By late spring and early summer the Brook Trout with be 20 to 35 feet deep. At this time you can sink a hook and a worm down to them or jig with small 1/8th oz. Feathered Malibu Jigs with a tiny piece of worm for flavor. These methods are great if you know the lake well and where the Brook Trout are concentrated. If you want to cover ground we suggest you troll very slowly with a 3-way swivel rig. Gary, our webmaster, has both motorboat and canoe versions posted on his trout sites.

Aurora Trout

Just a short drive from the lodge is MNR Lake #21, which has Aurora Trout. Also available is Liberty Lake but it's a 2.5 hour drive south from the lodge.

Aurora Trout is the rarest trout in the world. They are so rare that if you catch one you will be in an elite group as only a handful of anglers have ever caught one. Aurora Trout is a genetically distant cousin of the Brook Trout and in lakes their behavior is very similar to Brook Trout so you would use the same methods to catch them as you would for Brook Trout. MNR Lake #21 is only open for angling from August 1 to October 15 every three years, which is 2014, 2017 and 2020.

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