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Camp Fish Fry

The experience of a shore lunch is unlike any other. The taste of freshly caught fish with fried potatoes and cooked beans, all on the picturesque rocky Canadian Shield shores that surround our outer lakes...it's perfect.

So, we decided to take this experience a little closer to home. Every Wednesday, we prepare a fish fry outside (weather permitting). The beans and potatoes are cooked on an open fire, giving it that unique, smoky taste. The fish is also fried outside but instead on a propane element for a more steady heat.

It is all laid out in a buffet style with a garden salad, tomato salad, boiled eggs and a homemade strawberry short cake for dessert. All guest, no matter which plan they are on, are welcome to enjoy this delicious meal, including live entertainment, with the company of their fellow vacationers and their hosts.

The fish fry is no extra cost to American Plan guests. There is a $21 fee per person for housekeeping guests.

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