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Northern Pike Fishing

We offer multiple Northern Pike fishing opportunities. You can hunt down Northern Pike on Gowganda Lake or we have several boat caches on remote backcountry lakes that actually give you access to five different lakes to fish and all are stuffed with Northern Pike of all sizes.

Gowganda Lake Northern Pike Fishing

Like all Canadian Shield lakes Gowganda Lake has a diverse structure so the Northern Pike exhibit a diverse feeding pattern. Small Northern Pike in the 1 to 4-pound range are extremely common and can be found everywhere. Guest catch them near shore, out in open water and even down deep while trout fishing. The average size Northern Pike caught is around 24 inches. If you target Northern Pike you should get into a couple bigger ones in the 5 to 10-pound range and maybe even a 20-pounder during a week of fishing. Guests do catch 16 to 22 pound Northerns in the 36 to 45-inch range on Gowganda Lake many times during the season. Since we have owned the lodge the largest Northern Pike was 46 inches. You will find the bigger Northern Pike at the points leading into shallow weedy bays and sometimes they go right into the bays to feed on Perch but the big ones are usually going after bass and Walleye when they are near shore.

Gowganda Lake offers sandy areas with Wild Rice, rocky points and narrows between islands. There are weedy bays with Pickerel Grass, Muskie Cabbage and other species of weeds. In a few places we have weed-lines leading from islands all the way to the shore. This is a good place to start if you are targeting Northerns. Some of the bigger Northern Pike have been caught deeper along ridges beside a drop-off. Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and feeder fish are always changing depth to compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure and the big Northern Pike like to sit on the ridges and ambush their prey.

The amount of Northern Pike you can catch in a day on Gowganda Lake is hard to say because most people only fish for Pike in the middle of the afternoon when the other fish slow down. People also catch lots of Pike while bass and Walleye fishing. If you spend the day targeting Northern Pike in the spring and you catch 20 to 40 in a day then you are having a good day. In the summer, an average day would be 30 Pike, but on a good day in the right conditions it's not uncommon to catch 60 or more. The fall Northern Pike fishing is basically the same as the spring. The Northerns are more active during the warmer part of the season. It takes just as much effort and skill to catch a small Northern Pike as it does to get a big trophy on your line. It's just luck of the draw and takes perseverance.

Northern Pike Fishing on Backcountry Lakes

We have boat caches on a number of remote lakes that have awesome Northern Pike Fishing. Some of these lakes can produce 50 to 80 Northern Pike in a day if you work real hard and are good at taking the hooks out of a Pike's mouth.

Wapus River, Penassi Lake, Obushkong Lake and Dinny Lake have great Pike fishing with high numbers and the potential for a trophy. If you are really gunning for a Trophy Northern Pike than Cripple Lake is where we will send you. It only has Northern Pike and some of the biggest Northern Pike ever caught by guests have come out of Cripple Lake.

Here are a few lures you might like to consider adding to your tackle box prior to your visit to Auld Reekie this year.

Suggested Northern Pike Baits

  • Spoons: - Colors: blue & silver, five of diamonds.
  • Spinner Baits with skirts: - Colors: white & orange.
  • Mepps Black Fury: #4 & #5
  • Rapala:- 5 1/2 inch to 7 1/2 inch: - Colors: fire tiger, perch, gold & silver.
  • Johnson silver minnow: 1/2 ounce and up.
  • Daredevles 3/4 ounce: - Colors: red & white
  • Buzz Baits

    Angling Tips

    Pike are aggressive feeders and can be caught year round. Key fishing times include the morning and evening when baitfish activity peaks; however, pike will bite throughout the day.

    A medium-action rod and reel will cover most situations, however strong leaders should be used to prevent the pike's sharp teeth from biting through the line. Pike will take just about every kind of live and artificial bait, including very large streamer flies.

    Common Baits

    Spoons, In-line spinners, Crankbaits, Topwater lures, Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits. Live baits include large chubs, suckers and shiners.

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