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Perch Fishing

Perch are not considered a game fish but they sure taste great and with a sports fishing license you can bring fifty home with you for the big fish fry.

Perch are found in just about every lake in Ontario and in Gowganda Lake they can be found in great numbers and big sizes. Perch in Gowganda Lake get to the size of what's referred to as Jumbo Perch.

Just after ice-out in late April and May, perch are plentiful near shore, where they spawn. Fishing weedlines and large, flat sandy or silty areas with scattered vegetation near deeper water pays off through the summer. Perch are comfortable in bright light and do not see well in dim light. Schools of perch begin feeding in mid-morning and they may continue to feed off and on throughout the day. Schools break up during the evening. The best way to catch them is anchor and fish straight down with a hook, sinker and a tiny piece of worm or tiny minnow.

You can also catch really big Perch down deep. Perch can be found 30 to 50 feet deep hanging around ridges and structure. A prime spot is down deep between two islands or between an island and the shore. They like places where there is some water moving between structure because these places also attract minnows. Perch will hit ting jigs and lures but a worm and a hook always work best.

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