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Snowmobiling Testimonials


Diane and Urs

Just wanted to send you a brief message expressing our sincere thanks for the fabulous time we had once more at Auld Reekie Lodge.

Even though you people are our hosts and we are your guests we have developed a great friendship with you both as well your extended family. It is great to meet your mom and dad as well sister and her husband again this year and even better when you people join in and go riding with us. Many laughs and tales get told.

The meals as usual were beyond describing, thanks so much. Urs as well thanks for bailing Dale out when the snowmobile jacket zipper broke on the first day.

Every one of the lads each and every year tell me to be and sure and include them in the bookings for next year.

Have great season and will continue to direct as much business your way as possible as it is second to none

Gord M and all the Maggots


Hi Diane and Urs:

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your food, your company, and your accommodations. It is too bad the weather turned so mild and the trails were not the best but we had a good time anyway!

It was really nice getting to know you both and sharing some laughs with you. Once I download my camera, I will send you the photo I took of you both in front of the heart and I will always remember the story of how you two met - so romantic!

Once again, thank you for your hospitality and we look forward to a visit again in the future.

Jean and Bruce


Hi Diane and Urs

On behalf of all the lads who visited you and your lodge on the weekend of March 4 to March 8 a sincere Thank You. The hospitality displayed by you and your staff were beyond exceptional. We arrived home aprox 7:30 all very tired and yet delighted with the laughs and fabulous time we all had. We are all on diets now because of the home cooked meals that we enjoyed so much it has become an annual event to visit you folks as some of us have been your guests for approaching ten to twelve years and already gearing up to visit again next March.

The generosity showed when we had issues with a couple of sleds cannot be measured with a simple thank you as you assisted us overcome the issues Thank you.

We were really delighted when Urs, Reg and Bobby came along for a sightseeing tour on Sunday with us. They were brave to come along with fourteen lads that wanted and had a good time.

Once again Thank you

Gord M, Darren, Dale, Kevin, Paul, Gord S, Guy. Rob, Garry, Steve, Mike, Doug, John, Ian


On behalf of all the group who spent the weekend in your Lodge a sincere THANK YOU for the hospitality, excellent meals , and as usual all the ingredients that make our annual trip up to Auld Reekie Lodge so memorable. We have developed a friendship with you people because of all the extras that you provide in a atmosphere second to none. At times when we get goofy, as all are there to snowmobile as well have a good time you join right in. The amazing part is when you came out and joined us to look at the stars on the lake in freezing conditions, as well Urs for the unexpected guided trip into the wilderness which the rest of the group will not be missing next year. The group who had the good fortune to go along with you said it was beyond incredible. One again a big "Thank You" and will see you all next year hopefully with the all the regulars as well the people because of health and obligations who sadly could not make it.

The Maggots

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