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Splake & Rainbow Trout Fishing

The Splake is a cross between a Brook Trout and a Lake Trout. Splake do occur in nature but most Splake are born in hatcheries and have been stocked into Ontario's lakes. The stocked Splake are sterile and can't reproduce, which allows the MNR to control their population. That should not affect your opinion of Splake. They are a hard fighting fish and taste fantastic. They have that Brook Trout taste but milder.

Dobie Lake and Tiger Lake are our two backcountry lakes that have been stocked with Splake. These lakes are deep spring-fed lakes and you will find the trout can either look and act like a Brook Trout or look and act like a Lake Trout, with everything in-between. Generally they have more vibrant colors like a Brook Trout but have the head and forked tail of a Lake Trout. They can have speckles but generally still have those worm-like markings on the top that are prominent on a Lake Trout.

Below is a picture of a Lake Trout and a smaller Splake.

Both Dobie Lake and Tiger Lake are canoe-only lakes. In the spring the trout are shallow and they will hit flies on the surface or you can throw casting spoons at them such as Little Cleos and Crocodiles. As the summer sun warms up the surface water the Splake go deeper. With Splake they are a multi-depth fish and can stay as shallow as 20 feet deep or go down to the 53 degree thermocline, which is usually 40 to 50 feet deep on a small inland lake. In the summer try trolling with a heavy spoon like a 3/4-oz to 1-oz Little Cleo. Dark green-&-silver, dark blue-&-silver and light pink-&-silver seem to be the hot colors. If you cast out 100 feet and paddle just fast enough for the lure to work you should be able to get down 20 or 30 feet deep and that is the upper range of the fish in the summer. If you are not hitting fish and you suspect the fish are deeper because it's been really hot and sunny with a lot of light penetration into the water, you may have to troll with a three-way swivel rig down 40 to 50 feet deep.

Rainbow Trout

Dobie Lake also has Rainbow Trout. The bows can get quite a bit bigger than Splake and fight like the Devil is inside them. That is why they are one of the most popular trout in the world. The Rainbow Trout is also called the Steelhead Trout and has a flavor closer to salmon than trout species indigenous to North America. The Rainbows will be down deep in the 50-foot range in the summer.

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