• Our Mission

    Our goal is to make your vacation getaway comfortable, welcoming and relaxing.

    We take pride in providing our guests the best vacation and fishing experience possible with personal attention to every detail. Meals and quality of service are boasting with compliments from those who have already experienced them. We try to organize our operation so that we treat our guests as we would expect to be treated should our roles be reversed.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

    Urs sits on the Directors seat as President for the Elk Lake Trail Blazers to ensure that snowmobile trails are groomed regularly and that they are safe for all sledders passing through our area. He is also active in the Forest Management for the Gowganda area and attends the meetings to learn yearly logging projects.

    Diane also sits on the Directors seat as Secretary for the Elk Lake Trail Blazers to help with organizing and maintaining communication and providing updated information to all of the volunteers. She sits on the Board of Directors for Ontario's Wilderness Region (OWR) to keep in the loop in the Tourism Industry.

    Once you have experienced our special attention and Auld Reekie's friendly atmosphere and beauty, you will find yourself anxious to return year after year for new adventures and more of our personalized hospitality.

    Make Auld Reekie Lodge your vacation destination today for years of precious memories to cherish.


Everyone asks: "What does Auld Reekie mean?"

Well, in 1965, a young couple, Doug & Cathie White came to Gowganda and fell in love with the area. They were shown the land that the lodge now sits on. With very little money and a dream, the lodge was established.

Doug is originally from England and Cathie from Scotland. When deciding on the name for the lodge, they wanted it to stand out and be different. With many choices to choose from, Cathie and Doug finally decided on "Auld Reekie". Why? Cathie's home town, Edinborough, was nicknamed Auld Reekie. It means "Old Smokie". When fires were lit in the homes, the smoke from the chimneys would linger above, hence the name "Auld Reekie" in the Scottish language..

Doug and Cathie White built the infrastructure, the name and the reputation of Auld Reekie Lodge with hard work, dedication and a vision. We, Urs and Diane Brunner, continue on their legacy and take Auld Reekie into the future with the same commitment and passion that the White's gave.

We invite you to take a look through the photographs that Doug and Cathie shared with us. We hope that you enjoy and appreciate them as much as we do.

Gowganda From The Inside

Gowganda has a very rich history. The image galleries below are from the book entitled "Gowganda From The Inside" and has been reproduced with permission.