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Our Dining Room

Our licensed dining room is located in the main lodge. We invite you to sit down and enjoy the picturesque view of Gowganda Lake.

The following is for Guests on the Meal Plan or the Modified Meal Plan; however, Guests on the Housekeeping Package are welcome to join us any night of the week. Please advise us the night before or in the morning, so we can better serve you.

The night of your arrival, we will have prepared your table according to your group. Dinner is served at 6pm in the summer and between 6pm and 8pm in the winter. Urs has been in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal that will most definitely satisfy your appetite. Dinner is a three course experience starting with our very own homemade soup or our signature salad (if your order the salad, make sure to ask for the famous “House” dressing). You are then served a hot dish that was prepared with Urs’ Swiss flare. To finish your dining experience, we present you with dessert that puts the cherry on top that Diane has freshly made for you that day.

The next morning, after a good nights’ sleep, fresh coffee aroma fills the room and waits for you to join us for breakfast. The dining room opens at 7am for breakfast and is served until 8:30 am during the fishing season and for the winter season. You are handed a menu and given a choice of any breakfast style you desire, hot or cold.

During the Fishing, Hunting or ATVing Season, a buffet is set out in the dining room ready for you to choose from a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, snacks, fruits and drinks for you to customize your bagged lunch for the day. A shore lunch kit is also available to you, should you prefer to cook your catch. Please give us notice so that we can prepare the kit for you.

Note: Reservations for dinner or breakfast are required for those who are
not lodging with us.


Special Attention

If you have an allergy to any of the meals or have a specific diet to follow please feel free to discuss this with us. We will see to it that a custom meal be prepared to your satisfaction.

Going Above and Beyond

Want to have your catch of the day cooked up and served as your appetizer, No Problem. Just ask Diane or Urs. This service applies to those on the Meal Plan only.

Sample Menu


Schnitzel and French Fries served with vegetables. Urs’ favorite meal growing up. Pork loin tenderized, seasoned and battered. Served with vegetables

Spaghetti and/or Lasagna. Homemade meat sauce spiced and simmered to enhance natural flavors, and is served with a side of garlic toast.

Roast Beef and Swiss Potatoes. The roast is slow cooked to allow natural juices to tenderize the meat. The potatoes are thinly sliced and seasoned in a creamy garlic sauce. Served with green beans, yellow beans and baby carrots


Roasted Chicken or Chicken in a mushroom, bacon, white wine sauce and your choice of rice or fries. Chicken spiced in our homemade blend of unique ingredients. Served with vegetables


Pork Tenderloin topped with pepper corn sauce and your choice of egg noodles or fries. Pork is browned and baked until tender and juicy. Served with vegetables


Steak and baked potato. Thick, tender striploin steak cooked the way you like it, topped with your choice of mushrooms and/or onions. Served with corn


Pork Back Ribs seasoned to please your palate and choice of side (options are mentioned at time of dinner). Served with vegetables.

Our Licensed Bar

Auld Reekie has offered a bar since the 70’s, but this bar was built and added by Urs and Diane in 2008. Many laughs and good times have been experienced here. So, have a seat with a drink in hand and share with us your day’s adventure.

Please note: Our lodge and deck are licensed therefore no personal alcoholic beverages are allowed as per government regulations.

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